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Punk N Ska
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The music is what matters most...

This is the part where I do reviews on some newer CD's so if ya bought a new CD and want to tell me about'em then send me a review with the songs and what ya like about'em.

The Evil Eye Of Death and other mystical creatures Vol. II, The Aquabats, Monster Records, 1996

Track List:
1.Sequence Erase
2.Giant Robot-Birdhead
4.Lotto Fever
5.Lovers of Loving Love
6. Chemicle Bomb
7. The Man With Gooey Hands
8. Monsters Wedding
9. The Ballad Of Mr.Bonkers
10.Canis Lupus
11. Tiny Pants
12.The Thing On The Bass Amp
13. Amino Man
14.Hello Goodnight

There are some really rockin songs in it ad some really funny ones "The Ballad Of Mr.Bonkers" and "Giant Robot-Birdhead" are the best and "Sequence Erase" is a little bit weird.

New Cd's

November 24
Greenday, International Superhits,
This is suppost to bea really good CD according to the band.

Good Songs

Send me your Fav. song and I'll putem here so you guyz know what songs are good.

Band Song
Zao Autopsy
DrugKnuckle Jock Approved
TFK Unbeleivable
Skillet Dive Over
AFI Wester
Bad Religion Atomic Garden
The Aquabats The Ballad Of Mr.Bonkers
Dj Rolo Scratch Attack