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Punk N Ska
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Show Reviews

Is your favorite band good live? Here's where youll find out!

On this page I'll include reviews of the shows I've seen and that you've seen so seen me your band reveiws and I'll putem up. They can be both recent and in years past. Dont worry the info doesnt have to be in any format just make sure to have:the band, the place, the time, songs played(if ya remember) and anything else cool about it ok!

Live Horizon, Pure Crimson, Zero Theory, Nov. 17 at Reno Christian Fellowship, $1 started at 7:45

The Sho waz awsome on the fact that it was only a dollar(and even thoug i ent alonei had a really good time) but not that many people came only about a hundred people were there and most of them were old guys sittin around for the free doughnuts. But all in all it was a really good show because each band was better than the last and all of them were awsome so it was actually really good (especially because i got pure crimsons Stix! I later got them both signed by all of te bands) The one flaw was there were alot of technical problems and so the had to stop a long time in between thier songs. well i guess il see ya next show

Upcoming Shows

Here I'll list any upcoming shows I know about, for example:

Nov. 17, Reno Christan Fellowship, $1 at the door at the Fire Escape Zero Theory, and Pure Crimson 8:00